At some point on this journey we call life, you found your self-esteem lacking. But more than that, you woke up and realized you’re playing small, that the iconic woman you always dreamed of becoming isn’t the person you’re embodying. That at some point, life lost its sensuality and you don’t quite know what lights you up anymore– only that something needs to change.

The beautiful thing is you don’t have to stay stuck. As your empowerment coach, I’m here to help align the three poles of your mind, body, and soul, so you can reclaim your power & peace as you move towards becoming the truest essence of yourself. I’m here to hold the space and guide you in your courageousness and willingness to go deep into the self. Every journey looks different, but on my own journey of the self, I harnessed many modalities for my own self-healing that I now use to guide you.

You’ll come away feeling that you’re SO damn worthy, open to love, 
Best of all? You’ll unleash the goddess within– the iconic woman you already are. Here, you'll heal, grow, and evolve into who you want to be in this new phase of life. It’s not always easy, but there’s nothing more magical than doing the work.

You will…
Create positive, powerful, lasting change in your life
Cultivate greater peace and joy in your relationship to yourself
Uncover the goddess within and become the woman you always knew you were capable of becoming
Unlock your dreams and know how to go after them
Discover what lights you up, fuels your fire, and unearth your passion

3 month, 6 month, and 12 month coaching commitments available.


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