Willingly take this as the invitation to step into your highest self, to radiate at a totally new frequency, a whole new level.

You’re open to willingness. You’re ready to be courageous, even if you don’t know what that looks like just yet.

You’re seeking guidance, but you’re ready to do the work. You know the answers are within you– all you need is the direction, safe space, and support to find your highest self.

You’re ready for a mentor embodying her iconic woman status– someone who will be there every step of the journey. Someone who values you, who holds space for you with multiple modalities (whether that looks like coaching, reiki, energetic clearing, angelic readings, EFT, or something else), and a mutual respect for this journey.

You’re here to embark on a journey of the self– towards becoming your unapologetic, authentic self– no matter freaking what.

You’re here to be seen, heart and soul. You’re so ready to be unstuck. To awaken clarity about your life & purpose.

Tell me if this is you…

I’m Annalisa. Believe me when I say I’ve lived the journey you’re about to embark upon.

I’ll never forget the day I stopped, took a long look in the mirror, and realized I didn’t recognize the woman looking back at me. Who even was she?

I was in the trenches of insecurity and people pleasing– wishing for confidence, for a way to love myself, for a way to stop attracting relationships, people, and situations that didn’t serve me. Seeking a way to heal myself instead of trying to fix everyone else.

I didn’t recognize the body I lived in. I didn’t recognize the person I’d become.

I stepped close enough to the mirror to be nose-to-nose with my reflection. I stared deep into her eyes and saw a soul calling for help, searching for answers that couldn’t be found in the bottom of a wine glass or the third row of Chips Ahoy.

So I called out to her– my soul, my highest self to meet me in that moment– and she did. I was searching for guidance, and that day set me on the path to healing– physically, mentally, and spiritually.

It wasn’t easy. I did the work. I trusted the process. I offered up my willingness. I surrendered. I found the courage to go deep within, to reclaim my power.

I slowed down to LISTEN. To examine. To become a student of myself. To stop judging myself for everything that happened and step into the future of who I could become.

The path to healing myself mentally, physically and spiritually wasn’t an easy one, however, I felt it, enough to illuminate a path to where I wanted to go. The willingness and courage to go deep within and realize what I truly desired. 

For too long, it was hard to honor the journey. To go deep. To be my most embodied self. There were moments when the fear crept back in, where others didn’t like that I was realizing what I was putting up with and putting an end to it. There were moments when others were triggered by the light radiating from me, who didn’t want to see me step into my power and own my truth.

There were times when I returned to my old ways– people pleasing. Trying to heal everyone else. Seeking to make everyone happy when the only one I can make happy is myself.

Slowly, the light came back. My highest self showed up for good.

Today, I feel so much better than I did in my 20s (or 30s!). The peace I feel today, as I am on my 47th trip around the sun, and it is like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

You can trust that as your empowerment coach, I’ve been exactly where you are, and I continue my journey towards healing every single day to practice what I preach.

Right now, you may be having your own look in the mirror. 

Here’s the deal: you can take up the invitation or leave it at the door. But first, ask yourself this: are you at peace with who you are?

If not, why?

Take a nose-to-nose look in the mirror today. Ask yourself– what am I searching for? Let the tears flow. Let the feeling rise up. Unleash those desires. 

That’s a goddess ready to rise.

Simply know you are welcome here, that you are so worthy of (self) love, respect, total fulfillment, and a safe space to discover these qualities that already live within.

Know that living your truth, owning who you are, and loving every part of yourself isn’t simply something other people achieve – you can own the room, too.

It’s okay that you don't have the answers, yet. 

“Beauty begins the moment 
you decide to be yourself.”
Coco Chanel

The iconic woman within is waiting for you.
Will you choose to discover her?

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