You’ll come away with a tool to overcome challenging situations (read: emotional triggers) and a whole new way to build empowering beliefs that will guide you towards manifesting what you want in life!


In my own journey to healing, I found EFT to be a magical modality for emotional healing and transformation– so much so that I became certified in it! 

If you’re not already familiar, EFT (or emotional freedom tapping) is a tool that combines counseling, acupressure, and energy work to help you as both a coping tool and a means to discover and move past limiting beliefs.

I’ll guide you in receiving memories of what can sometimes be traumatic experiences, pay attention to your responses, and tap with you so you can move towards overcoming them. As your guide, I will show you how to press specific acupressure points shown to impact your nervous system as you release the traumas. We work with– not against– your body and mind to welcome in good, enlightened feelings that lead to what you want.

You’ll manage stress, transform how you feel, set new positive emotions, and be guided towards the actions that will create greater joy in your life.

  • Things EFT is good for…
  • stress, overwhelm, feelings of fear and anxiety
  • physical pain and symptoms in the body
  • money
  • relationships
  • self-worth and self-esteem
  • overcoming self-sabotaging behaviours
  • past pain or memories
  • grief/loss

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